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Form Analytics provides conversion critical information about your website forms. It highlights the pain points of you form. This deck propose an efficient setup that maximise actionnable insights.

This was my first session at a Measure Camp. Measure Camp is a free web analytics unconference I highly recommand.


What is a roll-up property ?

Imagine you have to implement analytics for an international customer. It owns several hundred of websites (one website / analytics property / domain name per country).

It will be interesting to analyze the aggregated data to see global performance metrics, and  drill down to compare brand performance among countries.

This is the purpose of roll-up properties. A roll-up property aggregates data from multiple account properties.

If you track a website set up for serveral european countries (with serveral dedicated domains),it may be really interisting to set up a roll up property in order to aggregates analytics data from all the european properties.


Roll-up properties exist in other Digital Analytics solutions (such as Adobe Analytics).

If you want to set up a standard roll-up property using Google Analytics 360, you can have a look at the Google Analytics official documentation.

Why should I set up a roll-up property in javascript ?

Using Google Analytics, you can officially only set up a roll-up property if you have Google Analytics 360. Indeed, users of the free version cannot set up such a property the standard way.

Moreover, roll-up properties cannot aggregate hits that do not belong to the same Google Analytics account.

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